I can almost remember the day when I became aware of a repeating pattern in some of my favorite music during my early years. It was in my early high school days when listening to what was called progressive rock and jazz. I really was into.”The Music “ It was fast and intricate, yet I could follow it mentally.Most would be or get confused to where the “1’” was in a common time signature ,let alone the odd grouping ones like 5/4,7/4,9/8 11/8 and beyond.

I would read about my hero and most would say the same thing regard their up bringing,”I was always playing and practicing”.The more you put into learning a certain language, the better you’ll be at  it.Period!


Keep it Simple Stupid

Leave Out Virtually Everything

Make Up Something Interesting and Complimentary or creative

It’s kind of like being in high school when you’re just trying to find some like-minded friends and hang out. Listen to some music. Discuss the music. Then start playing and see what sparks fly!

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